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We wanted to build a metal snare drum “like no other”. This drum would serve the working drummer with a lifetime of reliability, durability and most importantly, great sound with a wide, dynamic range. Many prototypes later, we’re pleased to be debuting our first snare ‘The Worker’.  We have many ideas for future designs currently in the works. Our only limitation is time! Watch this space for future announcements.



Our signature snare


The Worker shells are made from 3mm thick 5251 grade aluminium that we hand roll and join at the seam using solid rivets. Our 13 & 14” diameter shells are available in a range of depths. The shell’s bearing edges are full round-over to maximise head to shell contact and promote the shell’s natural tone; this shape also helps to protect the head and extend its life. The resonant bearing edge features our proprietary snare bed design which activates the snare wires at the lightest touch.

IMG_1316 copy_edited.jpg
IMG_1322 edited.jpg


Our shells are finished in a durable powder-coat, currently available in a range of colours from black and grey, teal, orange, racing green and our new 'crazy sparkle' glitter coat. Talk to us if you'd like a different colour and we'll make it happen! The powder-coat is applied electrostatically and then oven-cured to create a beautifully smooth finish. Our lug washers and backplates are shockproof, sweatproof and UV resistant. They are currently available in eye-catching colours: red, yellow, lime green, teal, purple, orange and black.


The Worker is crowned with a laser-cut brushed stainless steel Hive Drums badge. A Trick GS007 throw off is fitted as standard. We offer vintage tube lugs or our new custom made lugs and 2.3mm triple-flanged hoops or die-cast hoops.

A range of Evans heads and snare wires are available for you to choose from. Please talk to us if you'd like something different. 

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